Douglas Todd Jennerich

Douglas Todd Jennerich is a poet and a collector of adventures, and of stories real and imagined. And also old typewriters. He first sat down to write creatively when he was eight years old in his childhood home in Rutherford, NJ, and he's had a pen in his pocket ever since.

Along the way he's been a toy-tester, an usher in an old-timey theater, a carnival barker, a traveling minister, a builder of parade floats, a voice over artist, an actor, a terrible singer, a worse stand-up comic, a playwrite, a mystic, a muse. Endlessly curious about the natural world, Douglas draws his inspiration from the interconnectedness of all things. My Little Half Moon, published by Penguin, is his debut children's book, written on a 1940's Royal Typewriter in a basement surrounded by 11 cats. 

Nowadays​, he somehow finds himself living in Los Angeles. 


About the Author: Douglas Todd Jennerich